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February 19, 2018

Bonita BrewFest 2018

(Note: I was not paid or received compensation in ANY FORM from ANYONE referenced below. I just really liked their product or thought they were great people.)

Living in South Florida is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I am blessed with; let’s call it 300+ days of sunshine (roughly). On the other hand, I suffer relentless “Florida Man” jokes from colleagues, friends, and family, who don’t live here.

Every once in a while though, an event comes along that makes me feel so happy and grateful to live in South Florida, that I want to tell everyone I know about it.

I am talking about the Bonita BrewFest, held every February in Bonita Springs, Florida.


Here’s what I have to say about it:

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Big Ups, Congrats, and Thanks to: BrewfestPartners and SWFL Brew Crafters. They did an AMAZING job putting together such an amazing event.

UNLIMITED 3 oz. samples of some of the best craft brews from Florida and beyond. The 4th Annual Bonita Brew Fest, held at Riverside Park, offers the perfect environment to explore new styles and find your next favorite brew. There will be a variety of craft beers, hard ciders and meads available to tempt your palate. Plus, we will have a variety of Food Trucks onsite with their cuisine available for purchase.

Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

I took an Uber up to the event, arriving at 330 PM with my VIP ticket on my phone. The Volunteers working the event asked one question: “Do you have VIP tickets?”

“I sure do!” I replied, after a quick scan of my tickets on my phone, they let me right in, and handed me my commemorative pint glass and VIP pass (WordPress is giving me problems uploading my pics) with some awesome stickers from StickerWolf.


My first stop was at Fort Myers Brewing Company. I absolutely HAD to try their OYA (On Your Ass) Double IPA. Talking with Fred “2 Star” Malone was absolutely amazing! Fred – If you happen to read this, I am coming up to the Tap Room and want a personal tour! Anyway, Fred poured me the OVA, and as an IPA fan it was even better than he described it. If you live in SWFL, and you drink beer, you need to go see the awesome folks at Fort Myers Brewing Company.

Taking a little break, because I had WAY MORE then just one from Fort Myers Brewing Company; I walked around and came across Brew Grooming. I wish I could remember the guys name, it may have been Alex, put some of his AWESOME Pale Ale Clay in my beard.

HOLY CRAP! American made, with Hops, Barley, and Yeast!? YES PLEASE! Not gonna lie, being able to smell beer in my beard all evening, made me very happy I decided to buy it. Follow Up: I put it in my beard and hair today (President’s Day) for a quick run down the coast on my motorcycle, and totally reinforced my belief in this purchase.

Needless to say; this one Saturday was absolutely amazing. I can not wait for #BonitaBrewFest2019!

Mahalo and Bottoms Up!

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